Whatever your commercial building needs are - we can provide a solution. We have experience in a wide variety of projects. We have helped design and build strip centers, mixed use commercial buildings, warehouses, restaurants, storage buildings, office buildings, parking garages and more. We have worked with individuals, developers and organizations and welcome any size project. We have helped design and build strip centers, mixed use commercial buildings, warehouses, restaurants, storage buildings, office buildings, parking garages and more. We have worked with individuals, developers and organizations and welcome any size project.

Construction Manager for Edward Joseph Co.


We Love small and large structures. They both offer challenges to the architect and the builder challenges in a variety of aspects to the building experience and design.
Whether it is a new house, renovation of an existing, addition to your main residence or maybe the smaller guest house out back, we can build it. We can design it if you have an idea and need someone to make it real. We can work with your architect or you can work with our in-house design team. We are educated in the latest technologies for smart, sensible and green living. We build with conventional and alternative materials including wood, light gauge steel, rammed earth and adobe. We can build them small or large and welcome all terrain challenges. Our goal is to meet your budget an time frame and fulfill your needs.


Construction Manager and Owner's Representative

Working with our in-house design team can be a rewarding experience with great outcomes and superior control over the design and construction process. Unlike the traditional low-bid process, with the Design-Build we can better achieve the desired programming needs and function for our clients. This process can be used for any size project and really has gained a lot of use in the last couple of decades.


With more than 20 years in construction we have seen many projects types and been fortunate to have been exposed to a variety of construction sectors. In the education sector of business we have designed, been a team member in the design and assisted in construction of projects in k-12 as well as Higher education. We have programmed space uses, performed master planning for clients that had just an idea. We have added on to structures and rebuilt existing. We have put in athletic facilities, tracks and playing fields as well as playgrounds for kids.

Of all the built environment sectors, educational and higher education (College and University) systems encompass a wide area of systems and integration of systems and users. State entities, individual users, Board directors, parents and students all have a vested interest in the success of these projects. They are a great challenge and great fun to work on and be involved in the process.

We have especially been fortunate to master plan for charter schools and alternative learning environments. This new sector is a force to be reckoned with and worthy of our attention as more and more parents turn to these for the enrichment of their children's learning and development.

Recreational & Hospitality

We have Designed athletic facilities and playing fields. We find great joy and pleasure in creating safe environments for folks to exercise and be active in and around. The real challenges in these spaces we find are the mechanical systems and making the environment not feel stale or muggy.

We have been a part of the design, construction and management team in many hotel projects. Most of these were in Texas as a Holiday Inn Express and Hilton Garden Inns. We have been part of the design team in many resort type projects and helped create beautiful spaces for vacationers.


Working with owners of different backgrounds is always a welcome challenge. Working with government and municipal agencies is something very unlike private sector projects. We have be fortunate to have worked for the City of Austin and Capital metro in the construction and design of one of their larger bus fueling, washing and maintenance facilities. The project was not smooth and met with hiccups. However the facility is in use and serving the intended purpose. There were many lessons learned on this project for architects, engineers and construction managers. These types of projects can not be swept under the carpet because we believe that all projects can offer positives. In this case we learned lessons in management, due diligence and observations.


Of all the project types we have worked on, we find this one division or sector to be unique. The preservation and restoration of buildings that posses a history, one that others are endeavoring to maintain is extremely rewarding. We have had the privilege of learning from very learned individuals in historic work and look forward to being able to assist in your projects needs.

It should be noted that Preservation and Restoration are not mutually exclusive terms. Preservation (loosely) methods of maintaining historic integrity - typically with limited alterations. Restoration refers to rebuilding to achieve authenticity using historical materials. Rehabilitation is the repairs process that endeavors to convey the history. There are many terms and many obstacles when a building is on the register. We can help. We want to assist and be a part of your efforts to restore something of history and meaning.


All the rage -SUSTAINABLE - GREEN - LEED. These are some of the buzz words of our industry. Anyone who reads has heard these terms and has an idea of what they are about. We practice these methods and have practiced these since our inception and before. We have built with earth, straw, wood and other sustainable materials and enjoy today learning more and more about materials and methods. For us the story begins with the location and the location and the location.

Any project can help itself and its owners and the inhabitants by material selection, site orientation, and climate control. We have pretty strong thoughts and opinions on the "green" train and would love to discuss your projects needs and goals.

Whether you are building a house or a strip center there are methods and materials that can be utilized to assist you in having a healthier indoor and outdoor experience. For the both the individual home owner and the business developer we see the benefit in the check book and cash flows and life time costs. We are sensitive to these needs and can assist you in your project development and overall performance.

Modular & Small Structures

This is an exciting side for Anthony Construction and maybe it is something that you might find useful. We love to build and take pride in all projects. We especially love the idea of living small and meeting this challenging environment. Small Structures are not for everyone but we think that everyone can benefit from the lessons of living large by living small. Check it out. Texas Modern Modular & Small Structures.


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