About Anthony

Beginning in 1999 we decided we can make a go if it. Why not use our knowledge base to help others and frankly work for ourselves. We have combined years of experience in commercial and residential construction in excess of 25 years. We have not seen it all but we have seen and built lots. We have built nearly 1/2-billion in construction projects.

Construction Management

We are designers and builders. We offer general construction services to help our clients achieve their needs, goals, and wants. We offer representative services and on site respresentatives. In starting our business we try to offer our clients direction, assitance and services to fit the project and budget.


As construction managers we offer Design-Build services. We like the Design-Build vehicle for construction because we see it as a win-win for the client and the sub-contractors whom we contract to assist in building.

Site Work

At Anthony Construction we offer many capacities in the built environment. We offer site clearing, landscaping, stone work, beddings and pavers. We can work with our clients designers and facitate the outdoors construction projects in the most efficient manners for projects.


Procjects begin in many ways and foundations, driveways, sidewalks and footings are important. We can plan and design and deliver our concrete and foundatino needs. We do not at this time offer elevated concrete work for slabs. We do however utilize pump trucks for our rammed earth and adobe block construction projects where a top beam of concrete is needed and for large ground level pours.

Masonry, Stucco, Plaster

We build with many material types. We build our walls in concrete, Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU), Wood and Metal studs. We skin our projects as designed by others and use brick, stucco siding materials like concrete impregnated boards. On the interiors we install gypsum board ( Sheetrock), wood and plaster.

Metal & Steel

Metal and steel fabrication, welding, metal building erections, custom metal fabrications are just some of the services we offer in this material. We can design, assist in design and fabricate steel items as needed for any project. We strive for accuracy and work deligently upfront in this material - it is one material that is easy to err in and can be unsightly if not accurate.


From rough framing to precision millwork, we know wood. We frame new homes in wood, light gauge metal studs and frame commercial structures with metal studs. We build cabinets on site, fabricate cabinets in shops and build doors and windows for restoration or craftsman projects. We make purposeful furniture to your specifications but also can design what is needed or requested.

Doors & Windows

There are indeed many parts to a building or structure. We install, fix and build doors and windows. We can weatherize a building and repair existing doors. We install hollow metal in commercial, wood cased in residential, aluminum storefront in many commercial projects as well. Knowing how to install and buy windows is important to the overall performance of a building.


Standing seam metal roofing, built-up roofing, rolled asphalt, asphalt shingles, tile and shake roofing systems are just some of the systems we install on our projects. We are educated in sustainable techniques and green roofing systems. We can dry and waterproof all our projects.

Estimating & Scheduling

Anthony Construction offers Planning, Programming, Estimating, Scheduling and Buy-Out services to all our clients. Even if your project is not ready to start right away, we can assist in Planning, Value Engineering, Programming uses and spaces, as well as the Budget and Design options. We have been a part of many types of structures and projects and look forward to solving issues and assisting in reaching your project intents.


The list above is a small sampling of what we offer and what we can do. We take pride in our knowledge base and experience. We welcome all projects large and small and take the same pride in completing a project on time, on budget, and as intended. We come across some things we can not do from time to time but are always able to direct our clients and potential clients to a service that can satisfy the need. We look forward to learning about your project. Contact us.



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